Prova på idrott på ett lekfullt sätt

In Sporty Tigers can children with restless legs try different sports in a playful way. The course has two different age groups, 2-3 years (with a parent) and 4-6 years. The Sporty Tigers course is held in gymnastic halls at several places in our country.

At Sporty Tigers you will have the opportunity to try different sports during the semester. The course is based on athletics, ball sports and gymnastics. All exercises are done in a playful way and we alternate easy technique exercises and funny plays. We offer try out lesson with quality guarantee. With this guarantee you have the possibilty to cancel the course after the first lesson. The condition is that you cancel within 24 hours after the first lesson of the semester at our webpage.  

To find a course center close to you, press the button Boka kurs.

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